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six questions

I have quite a few questions...

1. For all of those who have made their own invitations, how much did it cost/are you planning it will cost? Where did you learn how?
( I want to make my own, but if it's REALLY hard or expensive, I won't bother)

2. Has anyone ever heard of having your ceremony one year, and then the reception the next year, in the same location?
( I'm getting really stressed about $, and to save I think we might wait another year. Or even just a few months. We need to get married on 11/24/07 for insurance and school reasons)

3. What is the best deep conditioner for hair you have used?
(All of the beauty wedding timelines have said to start using a deep conditioner as soon as possible)

4. What is the best piece of advice for wedding planning that you would give to someone?
(I like to have a mix of opinions and help from all kinds of people, not just my two cousins that got married last year)

5. What was your overall budget, and did you stick to it? If not, why not?
(I'm hoping to stick to ours. But I've heard that you'll go over your budget by at least 15% no matter what!)

6. What was your one "splurge" item, if any?

Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it!


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