Alycia (alycialovesyou) wrote in nov07weddings,

Has anyone ever just rented a tent and had their reception in it when it's cold out? Or even if it was warm, could you tell me about your experiences and what you paid for it?

Our wedding is 11/24/07 andI still have not found a reception site that I like that we can afford. But is it way too cold to have the reception in a heated tent with those walls on the sides? And what would we stand on? Not the frozen ground. I hope someone else has some experience in this so that I don't go crazy! And if you think this idea is insane, please tell me so I don't waste any more time even thinking about it. Thanks for your honesty and information!

PS- We live in Michigan, by the way!

PPS-The tent would be outside of my parents house. People can still go into the house, but dinner and dancing would be out in the tent.
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